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  • Message Sent: 32 times Posted On:Jul 27, 2012
    Santa: My 8yr old son is very naughty, he has made my maid servant pregnant. Confused Banta: How the hell? Santa: He took a pin & punctured all my condoms
  • Message Sent: 17 times Posted On:Jul 27, 2012
    Boy: Can I touch u r Software, Girl: First show me u r Hardware, Boy: Can I Download it in u r Hole? Girl: use ANTIVIRUS first.
  • Message Sent: Message Sent: 100 times Posted On:Jul 27, 2012
  • Message Sent: 0 times Posted On:Jul 27, 2012
    Marriage is the price men pay for sex And sex is the price women pay for marriage
  • Message Sent: 2 times Posted On:Jul 27, 2012
    Boys say it's great boys say it's fine 9 months later they say: it's not MINE ;)
  • Message Sent: 21 times Posted On:Jul 29, 2008
    Sex is like a restaurant sometimes u get good service, Sometimes bad service, sometimes no service & many Times u have to be happy for self service
  • Message Sent: 1 times Posted On:Jul 17, 2008
    During sexual session the girl says:"u r like a mobile phone!"Boy: "Do I vibrate a lot?" Girl:"No,when u get in 2 d tunnel u loose network
  • Message Sent: 0 times Posted On:Jul 08, 2008
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  • Message Sent: 6 times Posted On:May 07, 2008
    A woman married a one leg man. She wrote to her mother: "My husband only has ONE FOOT". replied:"You are lucky, your papa has ONLY 5 INCHES"
  • Message Sent: 7 times Posted On:Nov 24, 2007
    Sex is a sensation.It's about a man's temptation,putting his location in a woman's destination.Do u understand explanation or u need demonstration?
  • Message Sent: 0 times Posted On:Nov 12, 2007
    A good neighbor is better than an inflatable doll !

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